Nonino Risit d'Aur Prize 1997

Alfonso Alessandrini

“Saving, with nature, all that the man has done for nature, so that the community, with the land, saves itself” this is the moral imperative of a great technician of the environment as Alfonso Alessandrini is.

If in 2000 Italy can count on woodland for thirty per cent of its territory, this will be owed also to the tough commitment of this man from Trentino, who joins the detailed and cultured knowledge of the mountains, the woods and alpine cultures, to an essay vocation that fixes his value.

His fervent planning quality avails of this global competence and has led him to elaborate the proposal of Rural Parks – as preservation areas of the cultural patrimony of rural civilization. This double role of technician and humanist makes Alfonso Alessandrini the ideal winner of the Nonino Risit d’Aur Prize.

Reproposing, with decision, in his name, the indispensability of re-establishing the laceration between the two cultures: the technical and the humanistic one in a world that more and more imposes a global view of life, able to give back to the human representation the integrity of its space time scenery.