Nonino Prize "To an Italian master of our time" 1997

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

The huge quantity of scientific data of almost half a century of vast and continuous research activity offered by professor Luigi Luca Cavalli – Sforza in his work “Genes, Peoples, and Languages” is a basis for the advancement of science and for the emancipation of the human thought from biologistic reductivisms,

The “linguistic and genetic mosaic of the world” he proposes, clearly gives the evaluation “that all human beings, but really all, have the same potentialities and the same learning skills”.

The diversities showed in the genetic map of mankind that Cavalli – Sforza has composed show “that the differences among the individuals of a same race are greater than those among various groups”.

The disgusting and bloody practice of the so called ethnic cleansing, received from Luigi Luca Cavalli – Sforza’s work an absolute condemnation, in the name of science and humanity. A report of extremely high value in the difficult construction of the multicultural society.