Nonino Prize “A un maestro del nostro tempo” 1994

Jerzy Grotowski

(Motivation taken from a passage by Peter Brook published in Flourish, the magazine of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Club of London – Winter 1967)


“Grotowski is extraordinary.


As far as I know, no-one else in the world, Stanislavskij, has made such a deep and complete research on the characteristics, the phenomenology and the meaning of acting, on the nature and science of mental, physical and emotional processes connected with it. He has given his theater the name of a laboratory; actually it is; it is a research center. Maybe the only avant-garde theater where poverty is not an obstacle, where the lack of money does not justify the use of means so inadequate to prejudice the experiments automatically.

The intensity, the honesty and the precision of his work have left us just one thing: a provocation. Not for fifteen days, not even for once in our life, but for everyday”.