Nonino International Prize 2011

Javier Marìas

Javier Marías is today one of the greatest writers in absolute terms; a writer who enriched, and revolutionized the sense of narrative time, which was so largely present in the works of many masters of the literature of the Twentieth Century. He is a writer who, with a charming epic writing, slow and at the same time alive and torn by a violent epiphanies that illuminate life with rare power, like very few other is able to narrate the individual existence in its passion and ambiguity and the historical and social tissue in which it is immersed; who has showed new and concealed abysses of the soul, who had investigated the relation between life and truth, the good and the evil of truth itself and the dramatic difficulty of living together with it, discovering or ignoring it, creating a series of unforgettable characters and singular and mature restless, which winds and dissolves in time.

His works are published in Italy by Einaudi publisher.