Nonino Prize "To an Italian master of our time" 2000

Emmanuel Anati

The man has always been looking for his own center and for the center of the universe and almost always this “axis mundi” is represented by a mountain.

Professor Emmanuel Anati has found his and maybe even ours in the mountain of “Multitudes” or of “Remembrances” the Har Karkom and if it is true that, as Cesare Pavese wrote, “only what has passed or changed or disappeared reveals us His real face”, Prof. Anati is revealing us (in his several texts, some of which published by Jaca Book ) our deepest roots, our ancient traditional patrimony and therefore our cultural heritage.

The hypothesis formulated by the great paleethnologist of a original religion common to all the peoples of the earth turns into an extraordinary message against all kinds of intolerances and hateful forms of racism so up to date in these tormented days.