Nonino Prize “To a Master of our Time” 2000

Edward O. Wilson

We fully share the hope of the eminent biologist Edward O. Wilson, clearly expressed in L’armonia meravigliosa (Ed. Mondadori ,1999) of a return to “Ionic enchantment” where scientific and humanistic disciplines can find again common languages and objectives in the light of a disinterested love for truth and in this way search together, in the mystery of human existence, the answers to the great bioethical problems of today’s civilization.

However we hear as if it came from our own soul Prof. Wilson’s appeal in defense of biodiversity (Ed. Sansoni, 1999), that’s to say the duty of “preserving the creation taking with us the greatest possible number of other forms of life” averting the nightmare of a future “age of loneliness”.

Nobody has taken us where we are now, nobody protects us from behind, the future is totally in our hands”.