Nonino Prize 1979

Ulderico Bernardi

The Jury, after a long discussion, considers worthy of the first prize the essay “METAFORE, SIMBOLI E RITI DI COMUNITÀ NELLO SCENARIO CONTADINO IN UN’AREA DEL VENETO ORIENTALE” (“COMMUNITY METAPHORS, SYMBOLS AND RITES IN THE RURAL SCENERY OF AN AREA OF WESTERN VENETO”) published on “Annali della Scuola Superiore” and the article “TRASFORMANDO LE FORESTE IN VIGNETI – I CONTADINI VENETI ANDATI IN BRASILE” (“TURNING FORESTS INTO VINEYARDS – VENETIAN FARMERS EMIGRATED TO BRAZIL”) published on the “Corriere della Sera” of 5th February 1978 by Ulderico Bernardi.

They are works of great value, in line with the best sociological researches of our days. Bernardi reveals – and this is what makes him extremely important for the aims of our prize – a great love for the rural world and the need of reassessing, also on a very hardened scientific level, his ideological and formal values.