Special Mention 1982

Terza Rete TV, Sirio Angeli and Touring Club Italiano


To the Third Network TV of Rai, Italian Radio and Television, for the TV movie “Maria Zef”, directed by Vittorio Cottafavi, script by Vittorio Cottafavi and Siro Angeli. the motivation of the special mention is the following: in Maria Zef the transposition in a stimulating television language of the different elements of material and extra-material culture, which are at the origin of a local event, is made with the effectiveness of an expressive form that makes universal the values of a civilization that is still alive in its human and ideal references.


To the Touring Club Italiano in general for the intelligent and passionate activity of knowledge of our country made by the Institute and in particular for the recent initiative of the country-industry itineraries. The motivation is the following: the precious suggestion of drawing near the rural world and the early industrial settlements is an invitation to joining the two realities that form a historical heritage often abandoned to decay, not known, poorly protected even if of fundamental importance for the knowledge of our country.