Mauro Ceruti



Many things could and should be said about Mauro Ceruti and his work, for the incredible variety and richness of his research, which grabs by the throat the problems, the contradictions, the enrichment and cultural devastation of our lives, of the whole world. Ceruti makes us feel how each of us is faced with a bewildering universality of things, of forces, of realities that enrich stun and frighten; reading his books is like discovering that the apparent simplicity of the things around us and of all the usual reality is as big and complex as the universe. His books help us not only to know the small and large infinity in which we flounder about, but also not to fear it, to feel its enrichment for our person. From this feeling and concept of cosmic complexity derives a profoundly humanistic, or rather human, sense of the community of destiny which, as Ceruti writes, binds all individuals of all the peoples of the earth to the global ecosystem.


Born in Cremona in 1953. Philosopher and theorist of complex thought.
Professor of Philosophy of Science and Director of the PhD School for Communication Studies at IULM University in Milan.
Graduated in Philosophy with Ludovico Geymonat at the University of Milan, he was then Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Geneva and at the CNRS in Paris. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Milan-Bicocca and then of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Bergamo; Director of CE.R.CO. – Research Center on Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity.
He has been Senator of the Italian Republic in the XVI Legislature.
He has been Member of the National Committee for Bioethics of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as well as of the National Observatory for the Integration of Foreign Students and Intercultural Education of the Ministry of Education. Today he is Member of the Scientific Committee of the Association Européenne Modélisation de la Complexité (MCX); of the WWF Scientific Community; of the Italian Association of Systemic Medicine and Health (ASSIMSS).
His philosophical and cultural project is aimed at promoting complex thinking capable of addressing the problems of the new global human condition, as well as to develop “the consciousness of the community of destiny which, in front of the same dangers, indissolubly binds all the peoples of the Earth among themselves, and the whole of humanity to the Earth”.
To this aim he has dedicated his books, translated into many languages. Among them: Il Secolo della Fraternità. Una scommessa per la cosmopoli, Castelvecchi, 2021; Abitare la complessità. La sfida di un destino comune, Mimesis, 2020; Sulla stessa barca, Qiqajon, 2020; Evolution without Foundations, 2019; Il tempo della complessità, Raffaello Cortina, 2018; La fine dell’omniscienza, Studium, 2015; Constraints and possibilities, 1996; Solidarity or Barbarism. 1996; The Narrative Universe , 2002; La danza che crea, Feltrinelli, 1989.