Nonino Risit d'Aur Prize 2003

“Grappolo di Picolit”

After thirty years from the creation of Nonino Monovitigno, the Risit d’Aur Prize is given to the “Bunch of Picolit grapes” as a witness of the revolution made by Giannola and Benito Nonino on December 1st, 1973, a revolution that turned Grappa from Cinderella into the Queen of Aquavitae.

The Prize to the Bunch of Picolit grapes will be symbolically delivered to Resi Perusini, grandchild of Giacomo Perusini, who, in the early years of XX century, held the provincial itinerant chair of agriculture of Udine, and who, a century ago in his vineyards of Rocca Bernarda, carried out the recovery of this variety of grapes for the wine-making history of Friuli. New wine maker, Resi Perusini has resolved to carry on her grandfather’s work in her vineyards of Gramogliano in Corno di Rosazzo.


Ulderico Bernardi delivers the prize.