Nonino Risit d'Aur Prize 1980

Girolamo Dorigo from Buttrio

The technical jury of the Nonino Risit d’Aur Prize 1979, advertised by the Nonino Distilleries of Percoto in order to give value to the ancient Friulian vine varieties Schioppettino – Pignolo – Tazzelenghe – Fumat and Ribolla, presided by the County Councilor for Agriculture, Emilio Del Gobbo and composed by Prof. Calò, director of the Experimental Institute for Vine-growing of Conegliano, by Dr. Forti, national farmer council member, by Mr. Salvador and Dr. Nussi, president and director of the Center for Regional Viticulture, has unanimously awarded the one million lire prize and the Risit d’Aur to the Farm of Girolamo Dorigo in Buttrio for the plants of Ribolla, Pignolo and Tazzelenghe, after a careful inspection of the exposure, position and habitat of the vineyards.

The jury has also decided to award the Risit d’Aur to the farm of Armando Peruzzi in Camino di Buttrio for the plant of Tazzelenghe.