Nonino Prize Risit d'Aur 1991

Giovanni Battista Toppani

To Giovanni Battista Toppani for his noble and passionate work in viticultural farming which has contributed to affirm in the world the image and the reality of a true Friuli, respectful of the traditions and professionally in the van.

Well known are his actions for the valorization and selection of autochthonous vine varieties – Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Ribolla gialla – and import vine varieties – Chardonnay, Cabernet franc, Merlot, Pinot grigio, Rhine Riesling – with the diffusion of the clones of Refosco, Pinot grigio and  Rhine Riesling that bear the name Toppani; his commitment since 1921 in the use of rootstock for the safeguard of valuable viticulture; his association and entrepreneurial activity, so that all Friulian vine growers, all the producers and users of the shoots acknowledge in him one of the fathers of modern farming.