Nonino Risit d'Aur Prize 2001

Comunità di Cetona di Padre Eligio

XXVI NONINO RISIT D’AUR PRIZE born to highlight the values of rural civilization, awarded:

Almost to reassemble the archaic food Trilogy that has grown the set of Mediterranean cultures, the Nonino Risit d’Aur Prize 2001, after being awarded in the two previous years to bread and wine, with the XXVI edition it awards the purest oil, Italian oil, produced with traditional methods and care in every Region, from Umbria to Puglia, from Tuscany to Liguria.

The patient and humble toil of searching the value of the tastiest naturalness, respecting the times and gestures consecrated by century old experience, becomes a course of life and production of existential meaning.

Oil is one if the extraordinary richness of Italy, the only country that can allow offering the world an unmatched qualitative variety, types and tastes as long as the peninsula.

But it is also a symbolic reference to the necessary harmony between nature and life, which it is possible to recover with love pedagogy, as practiced and represented by the young people of Father Eligio in the Community of Cetona.