Malgari di Carnia

Giorgio Ferigo, unforgettable man of culture from Carnia, in “Malghe e Malgari” (by Ulderica da Pozzo Ed. Forum) dedicates the essay “Cows, men, grass” to the last Malgari (herdsmen in Summer Alpine pastures) of our mountains, who hold out in the name of a feeling called “…passion…”.

Without them there would no longer be the memory of an ancient world made of techniques, ability, and values. “There would only be a desolate human desert because the end of rustic civilization, in the mountains, is often replaced by nothing…” Giorgio Ferigo’s words make us think, and invite us to work hard so that the fear of an economic and cultural catastrophe turns into a hope of salvation and challenge: revaluing mountain life, protecting its products and its values, and going back to real economy.